Q-1: What Is Trend Micro Auto Renew ?

Auto-Renew or automatic renewal is a facility given to the Trend Micro online purchaser/
buyers that automatically renew their subscription right before it is due to end.

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Q-2: What Are The Benefits Of Auto Renew ?

There are several benefits of using Trend Micro ‘Auto-Renew’, some of them are:

  •  Users don’t have to lose the protective region for any period of time.
  •  Users find it more ease for paying the annual subscription.
  •  It can be canceled anytime.
  •  It will give automatic discounts to the users.

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Q-3: What Data Is Required To Setup Trend Micro Account ?

To set up a Trend Micro Account, one requires the following details:

  •  User’s name
  •  Valid email address
  • Password
  •  Current location

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Q-4: Who Can Create Trend Micro Account ?

At present, customers from the North America comprising individuals, large organizations as
well as premium services, can form Trend Micro MySupport Account. Others also get the
offered by this feature soon.

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Q-5: Why Should We Create Trend Micro Mysupport Account ?

The Trend Micro MySupport Account should be created to seek the greater visibility of the
support cases and support details. Using a MySupport account;

  •  The users can submit, monitor and update cases online.
  • They can keep an eye on which and when products will get end.
  • The customers can even download the self-help tools.
  •  Product

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Q-6: How Can I Get The Latest Version Of Trend Micro Security Package ?

Click on the Download and Manage Software tab, tap on the Get License Key to see the
currently activated keys. Choose the License Key for the PC you want to upgrade and press the
Swap Key. If you are unsure of which key is linked with which computer, tap on the Trend Micro

icon in the lower right section of your screen and Open the Main Console. Click on Other

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Q-7: Do I Require Trend Micro On Each Of My PCs If I Have A Network ?

You do require installing Trend Micro on each PC to offer security to every PC in your network.
Security Suite not suggested for commercially networked devices.

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Q-8: What If My Operating System And or Browser Worked For The Earlier Trend Micro But Not For This One ?

First uninstall the version you are presently running, then go to the download page and choose
the version you were using and download and install using the new Product Registration Serial
Number to make sure it will not expire for an additional year.

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Q-9: Where Can I See My Product Registration Serial Number ?

Log in using your emails username and password. On the Download and Manage Software
section to access your personal license keys. Each internet subscriber can see license keys to
activate three copies of Trend Micro. If you forget your license key, just login with your email
username and password to get it from the Download and Manage Software page.

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Q-10: What If I Don t Know How To Organize My Trend Micro Product After It Is Downloaded ?

Standard configuration settings will be by default established when the product is installed.
These settings are suitable for most installations but you should confirm the configuration to
decide if the settings are correct for your use. The product is very instinctive, so most people
can merely navigate through the software and choose the configuration options that are
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Q-11: Does This Upgrade Cost Money ?

No. Upgrading your software program to the latest version is free. Upgrading to the current
version does not mean that your expiration date will be increased. You still require renewing
your program for it to be extended.

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Q-12: Does It Concern What Operating System Memory Or Browser I Have ?

Yes, please refer to the device needs, chart provided on the download pages for Trend Micro.

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Q-13: What Is Trend Micro Toolbar ?

It is a toolbar comprised in Trend Micro Internet Security Pro to alert you about the online
security risks linked with your wireless internet connection, websites you visit, links got through
email, etc. The toolbar also stop the malicious software that can monitor your keystrokes from
gaining your personal details like user name, passwords, credit card numbers and more.

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Q-14: How Trend Micro Toolbar Works ?

The Toolbar works by default by keeping an eye on all the websites and immediate messages
visited by you to keep you secure from threats and for every website that you access, it shows a
page rating icon.

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Q-15: What Does Trend Micro Cost And How Much Time It Will Take To Download ?

As a valued Internet customer, Trend Micro is FREE! It may take around 10 minutes to Save and
Complete the Installation of the software onto your PC/MAC.

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